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Leave your heritage works in the safe hands of a specialist!

We believe the care of our heritage for future generations is something that should be one of our highest priorities, and Australia has a wealth of very fine stained and painted glass from the early Victorian, Art Nouveau through to the Art Deco eras. Many of these are Church windows while others are in the many public buildings and stately residences throughout the country.

At Adelaide Artistic Glass we are trained and qualified specialists, with 35 years of experience in the highly skilled and specialised, traditional techniques of glass painting and staining. As a result we are best placed in South Australia to conserve or restore these precious heritage windows. To date, we have been involved with more than sixty ecclesiastic heritage conservation projects in Australia, involving countless stained glass windows.

We have prepared numerous conservation report and conserved major works by such old masters as E.Brooks,1860; F.X.Zetler, 1870; E.F.Troy, 1900; William Morris, 1910; and John Orval 1950, amongst others.

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One of the many significant project was the Great East window of the magnificent St. Peter's Church in Glenelg S.A. Consisting of triple lancet windows, a rose and tracery windows, and made up of more than 2,700 separate pieces of glass, this massive work was completely removed, painstakingly conserved, releaded with identical milled lead and re-installed in the original stonework frame in 1999.

As one of the very few artists in Australia formally trained and experienced in the techniques of traditional glass painting and staining, Frans Kat has a much deeper understanding than most as to what is required to restore or conserve heritage stained glass windows.  We take great pride in both our craftsmanship and our customer service. We service all states of Australia when it comes to major works.

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Adelaide Artistic Glass is equipped to take care of everything from the smallest  domestic leadlight repairs through to a major ecclesiastic project. With our huge stock of rare, old and mouth-blown 'antique' glasses we are able to match some of the very rare colours and types of glass used in these heritage windows, allowing us to make invisible repairs to damaged stained glass.

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Heritage Restoration Projects: For major projects we can prepare a comprehensive conservation report. In undertaking the project we follow all special conservation practices, paying special regard to those outlined in the Burra Charter for the Conservation of Heritage works, where applicable.

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Conservation Cleaning: We also undertake specialised cleaning of stained glass using conservation grade processes. All our conservation procedures include full documentation and comprehensive photographic records, on request.

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Domestic Leadlight Repairs:  We can provide free insurance quotes, as well as a complete run down on what we propose to do to bring your leadlight back to its former glory. We remove the broken window and temporarily glaze the opening, and once it has been fully restored we will re-glaze your leadlight. Please retain any broken fragments as far as possible as soon as a breakage has occurred.

To protect your valuable windows from future damage, we are experienced contractors for the installation of protective sheeting on the exterior face of your stained glass windows.