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New Beginnings


Cartoons 77 x260 cm Ecclesiastic Panel 113 x 35 cm Christ the Sower Angel 68 cm diameter Christ Walking on Water 56 x 183 cm The Crucifiction 56 x 183 cm


 Celebrating the life of a loved one...

There exists a long tradition, spanning centuries, of the donation of commemorative windows to churches, by private individuals. This is still very much a living tradition today, where individuals fund a tribute to the life of their loved ones in the form of a beautiful stained glass window, glass wall hanging, mosaic or sculpture as a permanent celebration of the life of the person dear to them, who has passed away..

Over the years, Frans Kat has created many such memorials, expressed in light, for churches, hospitals, nursing home chapels, meditative spaces or the hallways of public buildings and universities.

Some of these commemorative windows have been in a more traditional style favoured by particular clients, or to relate more directly to adjacent older windows, while on other occasions the donor has sought to utilise the potential of the artist by allowing a completely open brief.

In collaboration with the donors, Frans has incorporated specific elements relating to the life of the loved one concerned into the artwork so that it has become a unique tribute and celebration of the life of that individual and an inspiration to others.